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Contacts and Distribution Lists

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A contact is simply someone that you might email frequently.  You may save this person's information such as email address(es), first and last name, phone number(s), street address, and business information in your email address book.


Why Use Contacts?

Adding contacts to your email address book saves time.  Instead of looking up or remembering an email address and then typing it in each time you compose an email, you are able to locate the contact in your address book and select it.  The contact manager fills in the email address for you.  It is also a convenient way to store and look up phone numbers and street addresses. This saves you from undeliverable, lost, bounced, or emails sent to the wrong person as a result of typos.


Mailing Lists

Once you have entered your contacts, you may find it useful to group them or create a mailing list.  A mailing lists is a list of email addresses identified by a single name.  When an email message is sent to the mailing list, it is automatically forwarded to all the addresses in the list. You may choose to send the email to the distribution list instead of selecting each recipient individually.  Most email clients support mailing lists, which enable you to send email messages to groups that you define.


Depending on which email service you use, you may find that a mailing list is called something slightly different.  In Gmail, a mailing list is called a Contact Group.  Hotmail refers to Groups of Contacts, and Yahoo! Mail uses the term Lists.  These are all referring to the same concept - Mailing lists. 


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