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Groups vs. Pages


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Pages are designed to be used to promote businesses, non-profit organizations, celebrities and artists to Facebook users. 

  • Pages are indexed in search engines, which increases the likelihood of people finding your organization through a Google search. 
  • Pages can have multiple administrators, which lightens the workload of maintaining a page.
  • Pages capture data on visitors, which allows you to analyze traffic.
  • Pages do not limit the number of fans you can have on your page.
  • Sending messages and updates to fans is quick and easy.  They can them forward the message or post it to their Facebook wall.  


How to Create a Business Facebook Page 


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Groups can be created by anyone interested in promoting and organizing people around a specific interest or cause.  

  • Groups have three levels: Open (anyone may join), Closed (the group administrator approves requests to join), and Secret (Only members and those invited know that the group exists).
  • Group members actively contribute content and participate in informal discussions and may be more likely to keep coming back. 

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How To Create a Facebook Group 


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ALS Libraries on Facebook:

In addition to the Alliance Library System's Facebook page, several of our libraries have their own pages.  Click on any of libraries below to see their Facebook page.  If your library has a Facebook page, send me an email at sbaschieri@alliancelibrarysystem.com and we'll add it to this list! 


Alpha Park Public Library

East Peoria Community High School Library 

Eureka Public Library 

Fondulac District Library 

Heyworth Public Library

Illinois Central College Library 

Illinois State University - Milner Library 

Morton Public Library District 

Neponset Public Library 

Pekin Public Library  

Peoria Heights Public Library 

Peoria Public Library

Rushville Public Library 

Toulon Public Library 










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