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Folders and Labels

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Email Folders are used to store and save your messages, just like you would use a file folder to store your files and important documents in an office.  Most email services have permanent, default folders that are automatically set up for you to use.  They usually have an inbox, sent, drafts, spam or junkmail, and trash folder, although they may be called different things, depending on which service you use.  You may also create folders to store important messages and better organize your mail to suit your own needs. 


In the beginning, the default folders, are probably enough to get you started.  If you find that these are not enough to keep your mail organized, you may want to create your own folders to store messages from specific contacts or on certain subjects.  Different users find different ways of organizing their mail more effective than others, so it is up to the individual user to determine what works best.  There is no harm in creating folders and experimenting with different ways of organizing your messages.  Folders can always be deleted and messages can be moved. 


A few things to remember with regards to folders:

  • It is important to remember to periodically review your spam or junkmail folder to make sure that no important or wanted messages were classified as spam.  For more information on how to do this, please see Spam. 
  • It is also important to periodically delete all of your messages in the trash folder and the spam folder.  You may program your email to delete these messages automatically after a certain amount of time, or you may manually go in and delete them yourself. 
  • Keep in mind, when creating folders, that you do not want to overcomplicate things.  If you have too many folders, you may not remember where you put a message and it may be difficult to locate.  Try to keep your folders and filing system simple.
  • Again, these are just guidelines, and each user's organization system will depend on the volume of mail and the user's needs and preferences.


**Please note that Yahoo! and Hotmail use folders.  Gmail uses labels, which is a very similar concept with a few differences. 


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