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** Core Competencies at QPL **





Training Resources - looking for archived training resources for library staff members?  Try these sites - April 2016

Reaching Across Illinois Libraries CE Archives - some require a login (must be a RAILS member) but many do not www.railslibraries.info/ce/archives 

WebJunction - WebJunction's mission is to promote learning for all library staff by providing an open, affordable online learning community www.webjunction.org/events/archives.html 

TechSoup Archives - TechSoup helps not for profits (and libraries) with technology www.techsoup.org/community/events-webinars

InfoPeople - The California State Librarian administers this grant project

     InfoPeople Archived Webinarsinfopeople.org/training/view/webinar/archived 

     InfoPeople Past Training Materialsinfopeople.org/content/infopeople-training-material-past-workshops   

Link to Gail's Toolkit funded by an American Library Association Publishing Carnegie-Whitney Grant - November 2015

FREE customizable classes built by educators, for educators. Gail's Toolkit: The tools to get you started, the content you need, and the resources to keep you learning! (companion to the Public Library Association's learner site: https://www.digitallearn.org/) 

Link to Gadget Menagerie from Washington State Library - January 2015

This is a link to the Washington State Library (WSL) site called Gadget Menagerie.  WSL partnered with local libraries across the state to provide tablet and e-Reader training for library staff and patrons. WSL staff traveled to 46 libraries (public, academic, and tribal) around the state between January and June, 2014. A total of 645 staff were trained and 416 patrons attended programs.

Inspiration of TTW, "23 Things", Core Competencies, and Web 2.0 

Technology Training Wheels (TTW) is a web-based pathfinder that was created by the Alliance Library System consulting staff.  It was inspired by requests from our member libraries for more training on Web 2.0 technologies.  TTW was modeled after “23 Things” which in turn, evolved out of technology competencies.  To learn more about "23 Things", core competencies, and Web 2.0 as they apply to TTW, click here! 


Our latest installment of Technology Training Wheels will teach you the basics of blogging.  Topics covered include: What is a blog?; Why should I blog?; Creating, Customizing, and Adding Content; Tagging and Labeling; Creating an RSS Feed; and Blogging Applications.  As always, your comments, questions, and feedback are not only welcomed, but encouraged!  Click here to learn more!


Come explore the basics of email!  Topics covered include Sending and Receiving, Signatures, Attachments, Hyperlinks, Spam, Contacts, and Folders.  Each topic includes a general overview and then specific applications for Hotmail, Gmail, and Yahoo!  You will find videos, tutorials, and many useful links that should help beginning and intermediate users. Click here to begin! 


With over 2,000,000 active users, Facebook is the number one social networking site in the world.  It allows you to connect with family, friends and colleagues.  This module covers the basics of Facebook, setting up your own personal profile, and using Groups and Pages to promote your organization.  Click here to learn more about Facebook and how you can use it to promote your library! 

I-SAIL: Navigating Between Library and Classroom

I-SAIL (Illinois Standards Aligned Instruction for Libraries) is a K-12 library skills curriculum that is tied to state and national standards.  It was originally created for Alliance Library System members, but with its adoption by the Illinois School Library Media Association in 2009, it has become a state-wide model.  This module reviews the history of I-SAIL, introduces the components of I-SAIL, and includes standards divided by grade level.  Click here to learn more about I-SAIL!

Photo Sharing and Editing 

Photo sharing is the publishing or transfer of a user's digital photos online. The user is able to share the photos with others publicly or private. This function is provided through both websites and applications that facilitate the upload and display of images.  With photo editing software and websites, the user can enhance, edit, crop, adjust, and animate digital photos.  There are many resources for both photo sharing and editing, and this module looks at some of the more popular options: Flickr, Photobucket, Picasa, and Picnik.  Click here to explore photo sharing and editing options!

Podcasting from Audacity to YouTube

Podcasts can be used to promote the library or programs, provide information literacy instruction, develop library communities, supplement reader’s advisory, and more.  This module reviews the basics of podcasting, defines common podcasting terms, suggests tools to produce audio and video podcasts, and provides resources for the new podcaster.   It also includes the handouts and PowerPoint from our ILA Conference session!

Reading 2.0 

Web 2.0, the popular term for the second generation of Internet technology, emphasizes open communication and content sharing.  Reading 2.0 was developed as schools discovered the benefits of adapting Web 2.0 technologies for reading.  Find out some of the innovative ways that librarians are helping their students develop a love for reading with Reading 2.0


Skype is an Internet software application that uses Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to allow users to call each other through their Skype accounts for free or to place calls for a fee from their Skype account to landline or mobile phones.  Other services include instant messaging (IM), file transfer, and limited teleconferencing.  This module uses a combination of links, help guides, YouTube videos, and other resources to help users implement Skype. To find out more, visit the Skype module. 

Social Bookmarking & Delicious 

Social Bookmarking has been gaining in popularity as more people are saving their bookmarks online, sharing them with friends, and participating in ranking their favorites.  This module discusses socialbookmarking and introduces sites such as delicious, digg and stumbleupon.  Click here to begin social bookmarking!

Teaching Technology in Libraries 

Libraries, especially public libraries, are finding that they still need to teach the basics classes on computer literacy to their patrons.  Where do you find the resources to teach these classes?  Through Technology Training Wheels, of course! The Teaching Technology in Libraries module provides materials and resources for library staff members with training responsibilities and online tutorials and websites for patrons working to improve on their skills.  Staff members can view actual scripts, handouts, and other resources to assist with the design of computer classes in their own libraries. To visit Teaching Technology in Libraries click here!


Twitter is a social media and micro-blogging site that allows users to post information to other users. Tweets (as they are commonly called) are limited to 140 characters. This module cover Twitter basics, defines common terms, and provides resources for librarians new to Twitter. Click here to learn more about Twitter and the use of Twitter in libraries!

Web Browsers  

The March issue of Technology Training Wheels (TTW) focuses on Web Browsers, including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Chrome, and Safari for Mac Users.  Topics covered include basic information, customizing your browser, and security and privacy.  Click here to learn more about Web Browsers!


WebJunction bridges the barriers to learning by providing open, affordable, online learning communities.  Members take courses, attend events, share knowledge, and network with others – all in an environment that fosters collaboration and mutual support. WJ's vision is to be the place where the worldwide library profession gathers to build the knowledge, skills and support we need to power vibrant, relevant libraries.  Click here to explore WJ!


A wiki is a page or collection of Web pages designed to enable anyone who accesses it to contribute or modify content, using a simplified markup language. Wikipediais one of the best-known wikis.  This installment of Technology Training Wheels answers common questions regarding wikis including: What is a wiki?, Why should I use a wiki?, and Which wiki is right for me?  It also explores three popular wikis: Google Sites, Wetpaint, and Pbworks.  Click here to get started!


QUICK STOPS Directory 

QUICK STOPS are short little intros (10 minutes or less) on a topic. 

These are links that we've discovered with brief introductions to a certain technologies.  We have not developed an entire pathfinder for this technologies, but we wanted librarians to know that they are out there.  If anyone would like us to develop a full pathfinder on any of these--just let us know! 




South Dakota Library Challenge: Electronic Resources Edition

Modeled after 23 Things, the South Dakota State Library staff developed the challenge to introduce their librarians to the statewide subscription electronic resources.


Handouts from patrons classes taught at Rocky River Public Library (OH) http://www.box.net/shared/4pvd9rpca8 

PC Magazine's Best Free Software of 2014

Website development

From the Free Technology for Teachers blog, read about 10 Ways for Teachers & Students to Build Websites (February 17, 2011)


Florida Gulf Coast University has assembled these great tutorials as part of their Technology Skills Orientation.

Access 2007 PowerPoint 2007
Excel 2007 Word 2007




TechSoup has this niffy 5 Favorite Features, Tips & Shortcuts for Microsoft's PowerPoint 


Cheat sheets from Custom Guide available as .pdf files

Excel 2007 PowerPoint 2007
Outlook 2007 Word 2007
Microsoft Office 2007




Tutorials from QuickBooks 


Created by Michelle Harris, Heyworth School District #4 and Amy Oberts, Bloomington Public Schools, District 87, smarterlibraries.wikispaces.com demonstrates a variety of SMART tips and tricks specifically geared toward libraries using SMART Notebook software.




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