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What is a Hyperlink?


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HyperLinks are all those words that are underlined nd in blue that take you to another webpage when you click on them.  Sometimes you might want to share a hyperlink with someone so they can view something you found on the internet. 


How Do I Insert a Hyperlink in an Email Message?

The easiest way to insert a hyperlink in an email message is to simply copy and paste the link.  If you want to send a link to a web address, you may find the address in the address bar of your internet browser.  Clicking in the address bar will highlight the address, and you should be able to copy and paste it into your email.  To copy the address, while it is highlighted, right click your mouse and scroll down to the "Copy" option.  Click on copy.  Your link is now ready to be pasted into the body of your email.  To paste the link, place your cursor in the body of your email message, in the location that you wish to insert the hyperlink.  Now, right click your mouse and choose the "Paste" option.  This will copy the hyperlink or web address into the body of your email. 


You may also wish to insert an email address in the body of your email.  You may do this the same way, by cutting and pasting the email address into your message.  Although cutting and pasting is probably the easiest way to insert a hyperlink, you may also type out the full web or email address.  Your email service should recognize this address and format it as a hyperlink (underlined with blue text).  If you do choose to type out the full address, make sure that it is exactly as it appears in the web browser address bar or email address.  Web addresses and emails can be long and complicated, and if they are not exact, they will not work or may direct the user to the wrong address.  Watch for typos!


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This video will take you through the basics of inserting a hyperlink into the body of your email.  It will also show you how to insert a hyperlink into text in the body of your email.  Although it uses Yahoo! mail as an example, it applies to most mail services. 


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