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Labels in Gmail

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This video shows you the basics of labels and filters in Gmail.


Gmail doesn't use folders.  Instead, Gmail uses labels.  The reasoning behind this is as follows: 

  • An email or conversation may have more than one label.  A folder requires you to place the email or conversation in only one location. 
  • An email or conversation may be in more than one location (sent mail, all mail, inbox, etc) making it easier to locate.  Using folders, you must remember where you placed the email or conversation in order to locate it.
  • You can search conversations or emails by label.  You are not always able to do folder specific searches. 

Using Labels: Create, Edit, and Delete

Using Labels and Filters: a Tutorial Video - learn the basics of using labels to better organize your mail.

Editing Labels


Archiving Mail

Archiving moves messages out of your inbox and into All Mail (click the text for an explanation of "All Mail").  It allows you to clean up your inbox without deleting anything.  Any message that you have archived can be found in All Mail, in any labels you've applied to it, and in Gmail search results.  If someone responds to a message you've archived, the conversation containing that message will also appear in your inbox. 


A video on Archiving:

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More information on Archiving Mail in Gmail.

If you are unsure whether you need to archive or delete a message, see Should I archive or delete?


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