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What is an email signature?

An email signature is a block of text automatically appended at the bottom of an email message. This has the effect of "signing off" the message and, in a reply message, of indicating that no more response follows.  It is common practice for a signature block to consist of one or more lines containing some brief information on the author of the message.  Every email you send should have an email "signature." 


Why do I need an email signature?

Signatures are useful for providing important contact information for the people you communicate with on the Internet.  They can also be effective ways of marketing.

The basic steps/guidelines in creating a signature:

1. Create a unique email signature to use at the end of email messages to better brand your company.

2. Make sure your email signature gives clients immediate access to all of your contact information.

3. Define what information your email signature will contain.

4. Set your signature to appear on new messages, replies to messages, forwarded messages or any combination.

5. Edit your message anytime. You can even include special promotional messages along with your signature to call attention to something special.


What information should an email signature contain?

1. Your email address:  Don't assume that just because your email address can be found in the header of the message, it WILL be found.

2.  Web address: If you have a web address, it should be included.  Make sure that it has"http://" in front of it.  Since almost all current email services will turn text with "http://" into a clickable link, this makes it easier for your correspondents to connect to your site.

3.  Real World Mailing Address and Phone Numbers:  Your correspondents will frequently need this, particularly in a business situation.  Having the information in your signature, automatically appended to your email messages, is very convenient.

4.  Marketing Message:  This may seem relevant at first, but if you set up your signature so that it conveys a little about your library, it can function as a virtual business card.

5.  No cute messages: Although this rule is not set in stone and depends on the individual, be aware that they become annoying pretty fast.

6. Keep the number of lines to a minimum: There is not an absolute rule, but if you have too many lines, it may be perceived as advertising.  In addition, if you participate in some online forums and mail lists, they may delete any signature lines beyond five or six. 


Some Examples:

The most basic signature layout (and all you really need if you are just beginning):

First & Last Name, Title

Company Name


City, State, ZIP

Phone: 111/123-4567

Fax: 111/123-6789

Email: myemail@mycompany.com



My signature:

Suzanne Baschieri

Consulting and Continuing Education Administrator

Alliance Library System

600 High Point Lane

East Peoria, Illinois 61611


Phone:  309-694-9200 ext 2109

Fax:       309-694-9230

Email:    sbaschieri@alliancelibrarysystem.com

Web Page:  http://www.alliancelibrarysystem.com



Systems Build Community

The Alliance Library System is one of nine multitype systems

cooperating to provide essential services to the citizens of Illinois.


For more information on how to create a signature for your specific email provider, please see one of the following links:





If you don't find the answer to your question, want more or advanced information on a topic, need further clarification of a concept, would like to see another topic covered, or have any other comments or concerns, please contact me!  I will be more than happy to assist you!  The great thing about a wiki is that it can easily be updated, continually improved, and constantly developed.  Your feedback will only make this site better!

Suzanne Baschieri

Consulting & Continuing Education Administrator

Alliance Library System  


(309)694-9200 ext.2109



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