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I-SAIL:  Navigating Between Library and Classroom

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What is I-SAIL?                                                                   

Library Skills curriculum that is tied to the Illinois Learning Standards, the AASL 21st Century Learner Standards, and is guided by the NETS Technology Standards for Students.  I-SAIL includes five standards with benchmarks and objectives divided by grade levels. 



To empower, educate, and encourage school library media specialists to utilize this tool to teach Information Literacy skills to their students; therefore preparing the students for college and an information fluent society.



It is the vision of the ISLMA Standards Committee that this curriculum would also be used to aid in demonstrating the cross-curricular value of school libraries. If used properly, this curriculum along with collaboration of other classroom teachers will provide the data many administrators use for decision-making.



History of I-SAIL:


Annually, the Alliance Library System consulting staff attend site visits at each of our member libraries. In 2007, one trend noticed by the staff was the need for an Information Literacy or library skills curriculum aligned with the Illinois Learning Standards and the new American Association for School Librarians (AASL) standards. In January 2008, a focus group was formed and utilized to research sample curricula and format the framework for the final sample.  Iowa City CUSD gave permission to use the library standards, benchmarks and objectives from their curriculum in February 2008. In August 2008, Alliance Library System staff, with the help of member librarians, published the first version in CD format and as a wiki online. In October 2008, the curriculum was presented to the Illinois School Library Media Association (ISLMA) for adoption as a statewide model and was offically adopted in January 2009 making I-SAIL the statewide model.  The wiki has evolved into a nice resource for curriuclum planning as well as the "go to spot" for I-SAIL.  This wiki can be found at http://www.isail.wikidot.com.  Since its adoption, nearly 400 Illinois School Librarians have attended presentations in the Summer of 2009 and Spring 2010 about I-SAIL.  In November 2009, Angie Green, Becky Robinson, and Christy Semande presented at the national conference of American Association of School Librarians in Charlotte, North Carolina where at least six other states were going to use I-SAIL as a model for creating their own library skills curriuclum; thus making it a national model as well.  In Spring 2010, an Internet Safety standard was added to I-SAIL to address the statewide mandate of schools to teach Internet Safety.



I-SAIL Divided:


I-SAIL is divided into two main sections:  I-SAIL and Technology I-SAIL.  The first section, I-SAIL, contains the five (5) library skills standards, benchmarks, objectives, and ties each to the Illinois Learning StandardsAmerican Association of School Librarians (AASL) Standards for the 21st Century Learner and the International Society of Teachers in Education's  (ISTE) NETS-s standards for students.  Below is an image of a typical I-SAIL page that is also divided by grade level which matches the Illinois Learning Standards grade level breakdowns.




Below is a sample of the I-SAIL Technology Page.  Please note that the grade levels, library standards, benchmarks and objectives remain the same as in the non-technology I-SAIL document.  We have changed the Illinois State Learning Standards, AASL Standards for the 21st Century Learner to reflect only the technology related standards and added the NETS-s standards for students.  It is a little difficult to see in this picture, however the benchmarks and objectives that relate to technology below are in bold to help you identify them easier.



Where to Find I-SAIL and Technology I-SAIL:


You can find PDF versions of both I-SAIL and Technology I-SAIL on the I-SAIL wiki located at http://isail.wikidot.com.  You'll find the a PDF version of both documents together, individual documents as well as individual documents broken out by grade level.  So you only have to use the components you need.






During the many presentations we received feedback from school librarians across the state.  This feedback has led to additional ideas of ways we can help meet the needs of school librarians.  Therefore we created two more tabs in the I-SAIL wiki.  One is MY-SAIL and the other is WE-SAIL.  Again, under the I-SAIL tab in the wiki you will find PDF versions of the entire document.  The MY-SAIL tab in the wiki hosts Word documents and is called the "make it your own area".  You'll find Word versions of the I-SAIL document that can be saved on your computer to be changed to reflect what you teach in your library.  You can also change it to reflect your practices or local curricula as well as add in a school logo and other informational components.  There are also customizable bookmarks, presentations, reporting forms and posters available under the MY-SAIL tab.



WE-SAIL is currently under construction, but is the second of the main tabs in the wiki.  The dream for WE-SAIL is to make this the collaboration component by creating a database of collected lesson plans that include labels for I-SAIL, the Illinois Learning Standards, AASL standards, and the NETS Standards that would be searchable.  We are currently looking for the funding and an expert to create this database and hope to fullfill it soon.



Other Resources:


There are several other resources on the I-SAIL wiki such as Curriculum Mappingcurriculum samplesinternet safety resources, and lesson plan resources.  Check out the I-SAIL wiki for more information on creating your own K-12 Library skills curriculum.



If you have questions or need further information, please contact:

Angela L. Green

Alliance Library System

600 High Point Lane

East Peoria, IL  61611

(309) 694-9200 ext. 2108

(309) 241-6424




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This pathfinder was created by Angela L. Green, Library Development Consultant, Alliance Library System.



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